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Bastid’s BBQ 2014: Beers, Brisket and Beats

9 Jul Bastid BBQ Apron

HEY before you ignore this blog post for a dusty Kit Kat you just found tucked between the pages of last year’s enlarged font Readers Digest crammed behind the couch, just know this: the Bastid BBQ is worth you going out RIGHT NOW (you can take the Kit Kat with you) to buy a 2015 calendar JUST so you can save-the-date for the next one.  I’m sorry Toronto, but if you weren’t at the Queen & Peter parking lot last Saturday for the 4th annual party, you really missed out.

Skratch Bastid (aka Paul Murphy), is hands down a crazy skilled DJ and, true to his East Coast roots, a really nice guy.  He seems so approachable and full of joie de vivre; the entire event felt like an intimate back yard party with me and my closest ginormous crowd of friends. ALSO there was BBQ BRISKET.  Ya, nice talented guy and tasty beef: my eyes were basically hearts the entire night.

Partly sponsored by Steam Whistle Brewery, refreshing pilsner was on hand as we cooled down from dancing under the sun.  And by dancing, I do mean awkwardly elbowing strangers and bopping slightly off-beat.  I was totally adorable.

Cheers to beers!

Cheers to beers!

When Skratch hosts a party, every detail is looked after, including event staff wardrobe.  How great are these aprons?  They were also on sale for purchase!

Bastid BBQ Apron

Bastid BBQ Apron

So how was the food, Alice?  Well, I’ll be honest.  I was picturing more grills and typical BBQ fare such as burgers, sausages, ribs, and sauce-drenched chicken thighs.  I was slightly disappointed when I saw that the one true BBQ offering, Stoke Stack BBQ, was actually from a food truck (where’s the outside grill so I can soak up the delicious delicious smoke smells?).  The other option was Toronto sweethearts and faves La Carnita.  Although they did have a grill, and their tacos are amazing, it still wasn’t really what I pictured for a BBQ.

I opted to check out Stoke Stack BBQ since they were new to me.  Everything on their menu sounded amazing but I’ll let you guess what I picked.

Stoke Stack BBQ menu

Stoke Stack BBQ menu

Damn straight I got the Franklin, a brisket sandwich!  And because I have a serious addiction to heat, I sweet talked my way into a side of pickled jalapenos.

Stoke Stake BBQ's brisket sandwich

Stoke Stake BBQ’s brisket sandwich

The brisket was stupid tender and I’m a fan whenever bourbon or espresso is used in BBQ sauces (it cuts the sweetness and tang nicely, and it brings out the richness of beef).   And it didn’t overpower because it wasn’t over-sauced so you can actually taste the brisket.  The bun was pillowy soft and the cool crunchy slaw provided the needed contrast. Oh and this camera angle didn’t do it justice, but my $10 sandwich easily weighed, like,10 lbs.   It was a LOT of meat.  This sandwich was SO good that if Skratch Bastid himself came up to meet me, I probably would’ve said, “Hold on, Paul.  Let me finish this sandwich first.”  Excellent work, Stoke Stack BBQ,  I will be a repeated patron.

It was a day of cold Steam Whistle beer, fantastic brisket sandwiches, excellent beats and a generally great vibe from the crowd.  Then Skratch Bastid himself did two sets and I may be biased, but I’d say they were my favourites of the night.


Bastid BBQ was a great party.   Hopefully next year more actual ‘BBQ’, but everything else – don’t change.

Folks in Calgary and Vancouver, you still have a chance!  Get your tickets NOW!