Who does (YYZ)?

What happens when three friends share a love of delicious food and drinks and dabble in great literature and occasionally globe-trot – they write a blog, naturally. Guided simply by the motto:  “Eat. Drink. Read. Travel.,” Cherry (museum theorist), Alice (banker), Clementine (psuedo-historian) & their team of intrepid foodies-at-large will document all of their favourite experiences for your reading pleasure. It’s a completely self-indulgent exercise but, you know you love it …

The gourmand(e)s of YYZ


Cherry, Executive Editor (aka Foodie-in-Chief)

Alice, Managing Editor & Drinks Specialist

Clementine, Managing Editor & Project Manager


MCyyz, Foodie-at-Large

When we asked MC if he wanted to say something about himself he gave the following quote “Food is sex. Wine is lubricant.” He’s not kidding!  

HoMyyz, Home chef extraordinaire & Clementine’s main squeeze

HoM makes pasta sauce from scratch, believes that fresh herbs from one’s garden will change your life and was “born to live in the Arctic.”



Want to get in touch? Have something to say? Have a suggestion? Want to invite us to a fun event?

Please get in touch using the form below or send us a message at info@yyzgourmand.com!


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