Chef’s Challenge – Giada De Laurentiis

10 Feb

The #smugcouple recently attendeda Q&A with culinary goddess Giada de Laurentiis (it should be noted that she bashfully objected to that lofty moniker).  She was in Toronto to host the Chef’s Challenge, a “culinary mêlée” put on by Mount Sinai Hospital to fundraise for research and treatment of women’s cancers. The cause is close to Giada’s heart, having lost her brother at a young age to melanoma. As well, the focus of her new cookbook on healthy living made her a natural choice to headline this event.


The press conference was held in the bowels of the very posh Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville. HoM and Clementine had an intimate audience with Giada, along with a small group of bloggers (the only people who were free at a moment’s notice on a Friday afternoon). So what did we talk about?  (the event of course).  HoM has used and thoroughly enjoyed her recipes in the past, so it was enlightening to hear her approach to Italian food with a California twist. Her advice to the chefs partaking in the challenge was to take a familiar dish or set of flavours and tweak it slightly to make it new and exciting. Take chicken parmigiana, for example, and grill the chicken rather than frying it. This is great advice for home cooks everywhere who are stuck in a culinary rut.  In Giada’s opinion, the best cooks are ones that could take a few simple ingredients and make them shine. We could not agree more.


Despite being a global celebrity, she was charming and down-to-earth. We cannot imagine a better ambassador of food for this worthy event.

*Thank you to Butter PR for inviting us to this exclusive event.


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