The #smugcouple does Halloween

5 Nov

We hope you had a spook-tacular weekend! This year, the #smugcouple eschewed bar hopping and house parties. We never quite got the hang of wearing a costume to the bar sans jacket … having to wait in line FREEZING … or having to carry bulky coats around a crowded bar. The #smugcouple said NO to scary displays of public drunkeness and “sexy” costumes.

The preparations started at the beginning of the month. We picked out our beautiful pumpkin from a patch just outside of Shakespeare, ON. This pumpkin had everything: bright orange skin, a gnarly woody stem, and it weighed a TONNE (to which HoM’s muscles can attest)!

The day itself began cold, dark, and rainy. We worked with a mini-marathon of Simpsons Halloween specials in the background. The implements we used to carve the pumpkin: push pins (to secure the pattern/ stencil onto our pumpkin and pierce an outline), an awl, a serrated paring knife, and a grapefruit knife. The design we chose (a wolf howling at the moon) was inspired by cheesy Northern Reflections, nature themed sweaters worn my moms circa 1995 everywhere. A simple yet frightening image.

First, the brains (seeds) were scooped out and cleaned. A messy and difficult job for our tiny hands. These were set aside for roasting. We then attacked this thick-skinned squash with laser-like precision. For two relative novices, the result was impressive indeed.



The pumpkin seeds were seasoned with fresh rosemary (from HoM’s garden, naturally), salt, pepper and olive oil. The secret: a whisper (not a full-blown shout!) of cayenne pepper for a satisfying hum on your lips. We encountered wildly divergent instructions regarding cooking time in the oven. In the end, the best approach was to eyeball the process. Our best guess: 30 minutes at 350F. After 20 minutes, keep an eye on them and pull them out when they’re golden in colour.

Clementine is on a health-kick, which is why the #smugcouple couldn’t indulge in conventional Halloween treats. It’s not the #smugcouple way anyway to consume waxy overly-sweet mass produced chocolates. We had to make our own! Clementine is a fan of Toronto Holistic Nutritionist Meghan Telpner and she provided a recipe for Almond Butter Cups (a healthy more sophisticated version of the peanut butter cups of your childhood). The recipe (with a bit of trial and error owing to imprecise proportions) came together quickly and tantalized our tastebuds. We would make these again!

Delicious AND healthy

Delicious AND healthy

The neighbourhood kids enjoyed our pumpkin carving skills and we thoroughly enjoyed our pared-down celebration of all things ghoulish. As for our costumes, dear reader, we went as the only couple more smug than ourselves. Hint: she’s a thrifty social climber (who’s hit the jackpot) and he’s a balding prince. P1010537





One Response to “The #smugcouple does Halloween”

  1. magali November 7, 2013 at 1:17 pm #

    I really like those wood pumpkins!

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