The Delicious Food Show!

22 Oct

Delicious Food Show, 2011 (Source: The Delicious Food Show, Butter PR)

This weekend, the editors at YYZ will be attending the Delicious Food Show (Oct. 25 – 27, 2013) held at the Better Living Centre. It will be a veritable bazaar of gourmet food products, fine wines and spirits, and a showcase of the hottest restaurants in the city! There will also be workshops and demonstrations at the GE Cafe and a showcase of the best natural food products (Naturally Delicious). Pretty excited for “Kung Fu Tacos” and “Kozlik’s Canadian Mustards.” And, I can barely contain myself as I write this, MARTHA STEWART (the original lifestyle brand) will be headlining an impressive array of Food Network celebrity chefs that include Chuck Hughes, Michael Smith, and Lynn Crawford. This is every foodie’s heaven on earth.


Martha Stewart (Source: The Delicious Food Show, Butter PR)

Back to Martha. She revolutionized the way we entertained and approach decorating. If we think about it, she was the first super crafter. You name it, she was probably doing it … and better than any current young pretender out there. The possibility that I might be able to learn from her in-person is beyond belief!

When I went to see Chuck Hughes speak earlier this year, he said that Martha Stewart along with Madame Benoit are still his inspirations in the kitchen. You can’t argue with that kind of endorsement. My favourite shows growing up were always centred around the holidays. I remember when she made ice in latex gloves so that you had floating hands in the punch for Halloween!! How simple, creative and delightfully ghoulish! HoM and I are using her magazine to carve our pumpkin this year! If I meet her, doves might cry.

I’m so excited, I harassed the other editors into sharing their #MarthaMemories in anticipation:

Cherry “It’s a good thing” that Martha is coming to town because I am finally ready for her wisdom. I’m ready to ask the O.G. of lifestyle brands about throwing dinner parties and being an excellent host. Or, at least listening to her lessons and attempting to incorporate them into my less than perfect home. (Example: The time I “threw a dinner party” for friends and did not have ANY food in the house. That would never happen to Martha!) And then asking her what I should cook for men (such as the hunky chef Chuck Hughes) who have been following her sage cooking advice longer than I have.

Alice BLOWS my mind that Martha Stewart is headlining The Delicious Food Show. She is the epitome of a good hostess.  She is a VERB!  (ie: when someone invites you over and the dinner was perfectly elegant and classy, you say, “You really Martha Stewarted this!”) She is the icon for good entertaining. Every notable celebrity chef attending this event (whose recipes and entertaining ideas I have used for special moments with my family) exist because of Martha. Still in disbelief!

What’s your favourite #MarthaMemory? Tweet us and tell her in person this weekend! Don’t forget to say ‘hi’ if you see us 🙂


The Delicious Food Show (Oct 25 – 27, 2013)
Show Hours: Fri – 11am-10pm; Sat – 10am-7pm; Sun – 10am-6pm
Ticket information here.
Martha is signing copies of her new book Cakes. See rules here.


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