The #smugcouple goes to Bolton for burgers!

26 Sep
Hole-e Burger's Manifesto

Hole-e Burger’s Manifesto

How far would you venture for a delicious burger? What if we told you that the restaurant makes their sauces in-house, uses local ingredients, Angus-beef patties, and serves local brews/ “grown-up” milkshakes?! Would you drive out to Bolton?! We would!!*

Hole-e Burger is Bolton’s new local gem. A typical suburban neighbourhood dominated by strip malls and warehouses, the food choices range from ubiquitous chain restaurants to uninspiring fast food take out joints. It’s where the concept of a burger and fries goes to die. Hole-e Burger, though, has been parachuted into the community to resuscitate this much abused fast food staple.

Look at the cheese skirt! (Photo credit: Hole-e Burger)

Look at the cheese skirt! (Photo credit: Hole-e Burger)

The owner, and marketing expert, Mark explained that he wants to offer patrons, “an experience.” He wants that experience to be the best burger they’ve ever had. The best burger experience is comprised of fresh local ingredients, sauces made in-house (like Rosemary Aioli and Poblano BBQ), a simple fluffy egg bun, and a well cooked Angus beef patty. The thing that makes this burger so unique is that they punch holes in the patty.  We were told that these holes allow the patty to cook evenly and also allow sauce and cheese to seep in and baste the burger from the inside.  The concept is simple and it is executed with aplomb.

Hole-Burger Poutine: IT'S ALL ABOUT LAYERS! (Photo credit: Hole-e Burger)

Hole-Burger Poutine: IT’S ALL ABOUT LAYERS! (Photo credit: Hole-e Burger)

Likewise for their poutine.  It consisted simply of fries, cheese curds, and a basic (though delicious) gravy.  The secret, we were told, was having multiple layers of fries, curds, and gravy.  Have YOU ever suffered through the plate of fries topped with a tablespoon of gravy and three cheese curds that many restaurants try to pass off as poutine?!? Enough is enough!

IMG_6041Mac & Cheese Hole e Burger

Mac & Cheese (Photo credit: Hole-e Burger)

And since re-inventing the fast food experience is Hole-e Burger’s modus operandi, they also offer fresh cheese mac n’ cheese on their menu with a creamy béchamel sauce (made with three cheeses) speckled with applewood smoked bacon.

And to further prove this isn’t just your local burger joint. Mark wanted the experience to be a healthy one. He asked his chef to create a warm salad (like the ones he ate in the 70s) with mixed greens, portobello mushroom, grilled onions and goat cheese. The salad looked vibrant and the flavours complex. You can’t get this at your local burger joint. My personal favourite was the Quinoa Pilaf (quinoa served with goat cheese, Hole-e salsa, and piri-piri).  It was a light dish but still satisfying.  The creamy goat cheese and the garlicky, spicy kick from the salsa and piri-piri made us forget that it was healthy.


The sampling concluded with a special dessert of ice-cream sandwiches** (homemade cookies with Kawartha Dairy ice cream) created by General Manager, Elan. They were an upscale, decadent version of a classic childhood treat.  Going in, we had vowed to share a milkshake like a #smugcouple from the 1950s in a malt shop, but alas we could barely breathe after the feast Hole-e Burger provided us. Besides, HoM drives a Ford Focus, not a T-Bird so we didn’t exactly look the part …

Mark, Elan and the Hole-e Burger crew want to elevate your burger experience. They are doing for burgers what Chipotle did for Mexican food: fresh delicious local ingredients prepared when you order it without pretentiousness. They want to be a fixture in the community and become a destination for burger connoisseurs in the GTA and beyond … and eventually takeover the world. We want to go to that world.


This review was made possible by the generosity of Hole-e Burger, who invited our editors to their “Food Experts Evening” on Tuesday, September 24, 2013. Their grand opening weekend takes place Sept. 22 – Sept. 29th.

** Ice-cream sandwiches are a secret menu item. The homemade chocolate chip cookies will be available daily!


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