Two views of Iceland

19 Aug

Our Artist-in-Residence, Ëlle, is making a rare appearance by sharing with us with two views of Iceland from her recent trip in July. While Iceland might make you dream of fjords and icebergs, Ëlle presents us two views of indoor life which captures two vibrant and welcoming places that she loved on her trip. This helps us remember that while we might fetishize a country’s landscape, the indoors provides us a better visual understanding of how they live… and eat! Ëlle shares her two favourite spots to get something to eat and warm up after trekking, encountering fjords and icebergs, or getting lost in a city that is awash in daylight at 3 am.

Babalu cafe

Babalu cafe

 According to Ëlle: 

Babalu cafe is a place where you can relax, choose to play one of their many board games, or read a book from their bookshelf with a nice coffee, tea, or try their amazing vegan carrot cake (and this comes from someone who doesn’t like cake). You can do all these while surrounded by their quirky, hippie decor.




Proud people in fishy spaces… How many flags do you see?

Ëlle: Saegreifinn is a fish restaurant in a small shack by the sea, whose owner is the cutest old man. There are pictures of him all over the walls, as well as other kitchy paintings. You can get amazing fish or even veggie kebabs and sit on one of the long three narrow tables. It’s a tight squeeze, but its homey and tasty.

Note: With her sketchbook and watercolours in hand, Ëlle leaves today for a few months in Italy!… thankfully she will be back to YYZ by Christmas time, but we’re hoping she will share her art from afar! 


One Response to “Two views of Iceland”

  1. clementineyyz August 19, 2013 at 2:11 pm #

    Iceland has been near the top of our list of places to visit – just shot up to the no. 1 position 😉

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