Haiku Thursdays: Guu Izakaya

15 Aug

Disclaimer: Haiku Thursdays may or may not occur every Thursday…or ever again.  Enjoy.

                                                  Dad’s birthday at Guu;

                                                  cheeks pink from sake, and all

                                                  the cheering for him.

My reserved suburban-dwelling parents were unprepared for the ceaseless joyful shouting at Guu Izakaya.  Not once, not twice, but every time someone walked in or walked out or ordered something delicious, a rowdy cheer in Japanese would erupt.   My mother was afraid to go to the washroom, lest they cheered that too.

Photo Credit: Guu Izakaya Toronto

Photo Credit: Guu Izakaya Toronto

Despite their penchant for low television volume and quiet walks, my parents enjoyed the small dishes and found the atmosphere to be quite novel.  Favourites from the menu included the takowasabi (marinated octopus with wasabi stem), okonomiyaki (deep-fried Japanese pancake with squid) and hanpen (puffed fish cake).

Dad as the birthday boy got himself a sake sampler.  I had their sake mojito made with ramune which was a refreshing twist on a childhood staple of mine.  They were a bit stingy on the mint leaves – two small torn pieces floated in my drink.   Forgiven, as Cuba is bit far from Japan.

What were my parents impression of ever-so-loud Guu?  My mom confided, “We would never have thought to come here, and it’s loud, and too many noises…but this octopus is good.”

Amen, Mom.  Amen.

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