Midtown tea time!

13 Aug

It’s been a while since I’ve found a fun new place to get good tea. It’s been since never that there was a fun place to do so close to where I live. This makes my visit at de Mello Palheta yesterday even more exciting. The “discovery” of de Mello is entirely thanks to my good friend Helen. We were both off adventuring in July, me in Ecuador, and Helen in Europe (Turkey! Croatia! Czech Republic! Germany!) and were both in need of a major catch up. We shared stories of having wonderful “friendship flings” that enrich your experience of a place, and meeting dumb-dumbs who have found themselves in amazing places … and we even agreed that as wonderful and life changing as travel is, it can make you appreciate home in a way you never thought possible.

We did some of our chatting over brunch, that Helen made for me! (I know. I’m never going to grow up if people keep cooking for me.) This is one of the things that she does well. Cooking and illuminating conversations. Oh, and introducing me to cool new coffee shops. After brunch, we moved our epic chat over too de Mello Palheta. I wish I had taken a photo of the exterior, as the design on the building made me think it was almost better suited to Kensington or Queen West, instead of Yonge and Eglington, and more specifically: across from a Tommy Bahama. Who thought something situated across from a Tommy Bahama, and north of Bloor, could ever be so cool?

But I guess Gen Yers are moving into the neighbourhood to grow their families and want a little taste of downtown tea (well, mostly coffee) culture cool. The cold coffee drips at de Mello are supposed to be amazing. I have no comment about this because I don’t drink coffee. Instead I got a China breakfast (black) tea and a cheddar cheese scone. If you’d like to know what two of my favourite things are, look at our twitter profile photo. Oh, what did you see? Tea and a scone.

Loose leaf tea and a good selection of sweets + scones? I'm yours!

Loose leaf tea and a good selection of sweets + scones?       I’m yours!

The tea and the scone were both excellent! They even refilled my tea with hot water, no fuss. This shouldn’t be worth noting, but I’ve gotten scowls over this before. Not here. The service deserves just as much praise as their tea selection. Here’s why:

Soon after Helen left and I attempted to get some work on my computer. I wasn’t alone in working at de Mello’s, but my laptop was losing power so I was considering packing up and going home if there wasn’t a near by outlet. A server saw me looking around and she actually asked me “Were you looking for an extension cord?”. I could barely believe that a server could be so accommodating to someone working in a cafe! After she provided me with an extension cord I bought yet another drink – this time a sweetened Ginger tangerie white iced tea. I nursed it through a metal straw – that I’d only ever seen people use for mate! – while attempting to work.

Want me to stay at your establishment and say nice things? Be nice and have awesome tea. I'm easy like that!

Want me to stay at your establishment and say nice things? Be nice and have awesome tea. I’m easy like that!

For those of you who live “outside the city” (aka north of Bloor) as I do, let’s meet here and try more of their teas and share a dessert. And maybe attempt to get some work done!



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