#smugcouplestravel – PEC, general impressions

2 Aug

“If you’re our age and you’re visiting wineries in PEC, you’re a smug couple.” — HoM


Fields of gold.

HoM and I are spiritually older than our twenties. We prefer nights in and retiring early-ish. We fear unruly youths who congregate in groups of more than three. We are appalled by the lack of manners nowadays. Our summer vacation couldn’t just be a generic trip to Europe (too many young people participating in empty consumerism) or a lazy trip to the cottage (a world taken over by bros). We also don’t camp. We don’t even “glamp.” So, after painstaking research, we decided to head to Prince Edward County for it’s farms, wineries, and contained outdoor fun.

The B&B we picked was in Picton. In all honesty, we were a bit disappointed by the biggest city in this county. The main drag included a “Giant Tiger” (which I’ve never eve heard of until this weekend) and a strange selection of kitschy tourist shops. We did find a bakery that sold lovely cookies as well as Buddha Dog (gourmet hotdogs made with all-beef local sausages and a selection of local cheeses and in-house sauces). HoM loved Buddha Dog SO MUCH that we went twice and he’s gonna write a guest post for us. The unsettling things about Picton come out at night: teenagers gathered in parking lots talking/ boasting (loudly) about sex and drugs and single men wandering the streets or smoking alone in dark alleys. There were also an unsettling number of funeral homes in this small town! We didn’t feel unsafe but this wasn’t the idyllic beach town I had imagined. Picton proper also didn’t have much to do for us and, since it seemed to serve as the administrative centre of the county, was incredibly busy. We mostly had to drive 20-minutes in every direction to get to wineries, farms, and the water. The city also isn’t that cycle-friendly. There are signs posted everywhere warning that cycling, rollerblading AND skateboarding are illegal and carry a hefty fine. HoM went to the Chamber of Commerce to pick up a map for cycling trails and he encountered some hostility, which is strange since much of the tourist traffic seems to be cyclists! And, once we were looking, the trails themselves were hidden/ poorly marked.

Bloomfield and Wellington had the quaint small town charm we craved. Artists had studios scattered throughout these villages and the bike trails weave in-and-out of these tiny neighbourhoods. After riding on the trails in Wellington, we even took our bikes to the water!


Things we loved about PEC: Lavender farm and Karlo Estates. I’ve been reading about the lavender farm ever since I saw their booth at the One of a Kind Show. We basically planned our trip around them. I love their linen spray and we got to sample their lavender gelato (so lightly floral and refreshing on a summer day). HoM had a great old time chatting up the owner and getting tips for his garden. Karlo wineries came highly recommended and we had a tasting coupon from our B&B. I’ve never been to a tasting – I’m not a huge drinker and I’ve always thought that I don’t have the sophisticated palate to really partake in the experience. Karlo was the perfect place to get my feet wet. It’s a smaller winery and the staff is ultra friendly. Their owner, Richard Karlo, is a tinkerer (no formal wine making training) and experiments with different blends of grapes. The wines and ports have lower alcohol content because he wants them to enhance food and socializing. Also, they offer food pairings with all of their wines. HoM has been to tastings before and he proclaimed it to be the best experience he’s ever had! I walked away with some white port for a special occasion … or to break out when I’m feeling a bit like Fraiser Crane.

Honourable Mention: County Cider, Waupoos – I prefer ciders to beer on occasions that I do drink when I’m out. I just don’t see too many options at most pubs, though that may be changing. County Cider’s creations were perfectly crisp and dry. I’m a fan. If I cottaged, I would enjoy it on a deck resting in my Muskoka chair.

For a non-drinker, I brought home a lot of hooch.

Side note: the ER in Picton is not a terrible place to be on a Tuesday morning. I had a terrible skin reaction** and had to make a relatively quick visit to get some prescription cream. Our B&B host told us that it’s actually the best ER in the county and people drive in from Belleville, for example, if they need to visit a hospital. My triage nurse was lovely and everyone was more than helpful. I was also delighted to see an older woman doctor in the ER. I can honestly say I have never seen that on any of my visits to a hospital.

More to come on food …

** The skin reaction was probably a result of the matching t-shirts HoM and I made for the trip. We bought the shirts at Lens Mill for $2. They were washed but who knows how long they’ve been sitting in their warehouse. I am aware that this is the universe telling us that #smugcouples are the worst. I REGRET NOTHING.


One Response to “#smugcouplestravel – PEC, general impressions”

  1. yyz cherry August 2, 2013 at 12:13 pm #

    I can’t wait to read about Buddha Dog!

    But I also can’t believe that you organized a vacation around a lavender farm! You should vacation with my mom.


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