#smugcouplestravel – THE CRONUT

31 Jul

You’ve heard about them on the news. People form queues for them in New York City. The name is patented so bakeries can sell the concept but can’t call them by the name. It’s created such a “craze” that a Toronto bakery has decided to make a “crookie.” 

HoM and I were in Ottawa and the bakery Boko on Elgin makes them daily. They’re about $5 each and come individually packaged. If I were going to prom today, I’d like my date to bring me one of these rather than a corsage. Our croissant-doughnuts had a pineapple filling and passion fruit topping. I am skeptical of hype. We once ranted and raved about Krispy Kremes … until we all put on 5(10)lbs from scarfing down boxes and boxes of that deep-friend heart clogging delight. So, the croissant-doughnut was unexpectedly delicious. It was messy. The granulated sugar that covered the pasty got all over your hands and face … and HoM’s beard. The pastry, from what I could discern was a deep fried croissant, was chewy and fluffy. You needed to put up a fight with it as you took your bites. The passion fruit was tangy but, like the pineapple filling, didn’t overwhelm. They emphasized the delicate pastry.


Boko (280 Elgin, Ottawa ON) – the croissant doughnut


Until that morning, I had been quite good with watching what I ate and daily exercise. I can’t think about how many calories were in that sugared-fried dough-ring. I’m not sure that the cronut has what it takes usurp the ubiquitous cupcake (which are so passé) because I think the dough requires more baking skill. You can’t just whip up a batch of these on the weekend with your girlfriend (in heels) and call it a business. I would welcome the cronut as treat in TO … though HoM and I wouldn’t mind running away to Ottawa for another weekend to sample this deliciousness.

Boko Bakery on Urbanspoon


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