19 Jul

Dr. Sheldon Cooper wants to come too!

A quick teaser post: HoM and I are headed to Ottawa and Prince Edward County this weekend. It’s my first summer vacation in YEARS. I am packing a floppy sunhat. Grad students travel but it’s always school related. We’ve been exploring Ontario so much that the tourism board should hire us to write a blog called #smugcouplestravel. Things we’re planning to do: bike, museums, a lavender farm … yeah, we live the life of a middle aged couple. For this blog, fair readers, we’re planning to check out all this chatter about the “cronut” and check out MCyyz’s rec from a couple of posts ago, El Camino. I know, you can’t wait for us to get back and report our findings. Well, for your patience, I will leave you with this adorable note: WE HAVE MADE MATCHING T-SHIRTS FOR THE DRIVE! (I checked and Cherry has “no comment” on this feature of the road trip)

Bon weekend!


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