Harbourfront’s Shipping Crate Food Stalls

15 Jul
Blue Goose wraps at Harbourfront

Blue Goose wraps at Harbourfront

Last Friday, I decided to take advantage of my lack of scheduled meetings and work from home.  Productivity at Casa Alice is typically inversely proportional to the amount of sunshine outside, so when I was able to blast through nearly a day’s amount of work in just 4 hours,  I decided to reward myself by meeting S for lunch.

I biked over and met S at Queens Quay and Lower Simcoe where three new food stalls, inside reclaimed shipping crates, have planted themselves as of earlier this summer.  Patrons have a choice between Blue Goose (organic wraps and burgers), Sully’s Honest Dogs (hot dogs) and Lobster Roll (beef stew…kidding, of course it’s lobster rolls).  From the similar menu designs (and the same draft-styled root beer drink and kettle chips options at each stall) one can surmise that all stalls are owned by the same party – and a quick Google search confirmed that Blue Goose, a BC-based organic and naturally raised meat company, owns all three.  Also discovered that the menus were all created by former Top Chef contestant Chef David Chrystian of Victor.   I was already fairly certain this was a better decision than opening a can of soup at home.

S and I decided to try Blue Goose’s wraps. They had three different kinds – baked rainbow trout, beef and chicken.  They’re similar to a taco (toppings include spicy sour cream, queso fresco and pickled jalapeno) and you have a choice of corn tortilla, flour tortilla or butter lettuce leaf.  I’m a fan of butter lettuce leaf wraps because they let the flavour of meat stand on their own and that’s exactly what I wanted knowing it was naturally raised organic meat.

Each wrap is $3 or you can choose any 3 for $8.  A combo (3 wraps, a draft styled root beer or ginger beer, and a bag of kettle chips) is $12.50.   Of course, I got 3 wraps in order to try all the options!

The baked rainbow trout was well cooked – perfect flaky moist fish (aside: I’m sorry people hate the word moist).  The chicken was okay but the real home run was the beef.  OMG.  The beef.  I was telling S how I was almost angry at the chicken wrap for even existing because I probably would’ve gotten one trout and two beef wraps if it didn’t.  It was ground beef in a perfectly seasoned sauce – good quality beef with hints of sweetness and smokiness.  Knowing how good the beef wrap is, I need to come back for their burger.

My only complaint is that the butter leaf was way too thin to support any of these wraps.  Fairly early into my meal, my wraps became more of a salad with fancy toppings.

I highly recommend checking these out before they close up shop in October.  They’re open daily from 11:30 AM to 8:00 PM!




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