A family of (health conscious) foodies

12 Jul

Yesterday I was running errands, doing final preparations for 3 weeks in Ecuador. My mom was also doing errands at the same mall (Bayview Village!) and asked me if I wanted to head home for lunch. I mentioned that I perfered to stay out and have a quick sandwich and then head downtown for further errands. Her response?


… so I stayed behind and enjoyed my panini vegetable sandwich and tried my best not to think of the calories.
Later, I went to the gym and swam as hard as I could for over half an hour.

Are these two things related? Maybe.

I grew up in a very healthy household. No salt, no excessive fat, two cookies max for dessert – three if it was a speical day, rarely any chips (if we did have any they would be low salt Pringles!) and access to one pop a week. When on vacation, my mom would usually convince us to do some type of exercise before breakfast (usually tennis, sometimes swimming). Some of you might think this is a little hardcore of my mom. Some of you might wonder if my brother and I turned out to be super skinny elite athletes (sadly no, we remain average). Some of you might wonder why I was denied the wonders of butter and salt as a child. And, you might wonder if our meals are super bland and tasteless.

Food is actually a big deal in our house. My parents have specialty oils, salts (including truffle salt!) and spices. My dad is a pro-star BBQer. My mom is an excellent cook (but she always finds the healthy way to prepare foods!). Eating a sit down dinner as a family is a requirement when we are home. The table is laid out beautifully : candles, flowers, serving bowls… all that is missing is the carbs! (I’m not joking, carbs are a treat in my family!). I jokingly refer to our almost attendance mandatory family dinners in the dining room as “Mom’s Café”.

Elegant, flavourful and yet light on the calories… It’s my mom’s way of showing she loves us all – so much that she doesn’t want us to ever get fat!

I’m going to miss them when I am away. But I will be doing a lot of hiking and swimming, so I won’t come back in questionable shape!


One Response to “A family of (health conscious) foodies”

  1. clementineyyz July 16, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

    HoM and I are gonna be hardbodies too. We’re making our dates “activities” and watching what we eat!!

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