What is “Canadian” food anyways?! (Partie 2)

8 Jul

Alice, Clementine and I decided to ask ourselves the question “What is Canadian food anyways?” as a Canada Day theme post (and also our Great Canadian Blog Bash post!). All of our interpretations and experience are different in understanding what food is, or can be considered Canadian.

As we have so many interpretations about what Canadian food can be – we asked our readers to tweet us their thoughts on it. Some where in line with what Chuck Hughes shared with us, like what reader Stephanie Webb (also the writer of Written While Roaming and new-ish resident of Whitehorse) said:

I wish game meat was as fresh in TO as it is in the Yukon!

I wish game meat was as fresh in TO as it is in the Yukon!

And then there was the more abstract perspective about what Canadian food is – and what it has the potential to be. A idea brought to us by Helen (also writer for The Roost!):

Not only is Helen smart, she's also an amazing cook!

Not only is Helen smart, she’s also an amazing cook!

But what makes a people who live within set borders determine what a source of comfort may be – particularly in food? Well, two of our readers provided the same answer to this:

MAS - b tails

Helen Suk - b tails

Is this merely an Ontario-Québec food phenomenon? Does everyone across our great land dream of hunkering down for a beaver tail after a long day of skiing?! (or a long day of reading on the couch?)

The things that are unique are what seem to confuse outsiders. Canada Day sparked a great twitter convo with MFAMblogette about what to drink on Canada Day:

Learning how drink like a Canadian!

MFAM canada day drinking - 2

(Note: look at MFAM’s twitter photos and you can find a photo of her trying to create ice wine!! I loved it!)

I texted Alice to ask her “What is a uniquely Canadian drink?”, she agreed on Caesars and ice wine, but this inspired her amazing Courreur de bois cocktail! (I have yet to try it  but the instructions left me laughing!).

This allowed me to widen what I think of as Canadian food: it is what Canadians love to eat. Meaning, evertyhing that is is cooked, baked, fried, steamed, salted… and then eaten by Canadians who love food (and maybe with a dash of maple syrup?).


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