Great British Bake! (Part One)

8 Jul

Not pictured: DOWNPOUR!

When you see dark clouds approaching (the kind carrying torrential showers), the only reasonable thing to do is abandon your plans to indulge in French pastries (at Sablétine) and drive straight into a food truck offering British baked goods.

Upon reflection, the encounter with this charming food truck was all quite serendipitous. Mr. HoM and I spent the morning watching the first Brit in 77 years win Wimbledon. We went in search of lunch (vacillating between two of our favourites in Uptown Waterloo because I had decided that we shouldn’t try something new in case we were disappointed) and drove straight into a food truck emblazoned with a Union Jack and a cityscape of LDN. It was fate!

As the rain poured down around us, the lovely owners of Great British Bake (authentic accents!) enthusiastically showed off their treats. It was their first weekend in KW and they brought along: scones (cranberry with an orange glaze), Shrewsbury biscuits (shortbread with currants), cinnamon and raisin cookies, fruit pastys, and vanilla cupcakes (decorated with phone booths and mailboxes!). They even offer savoury items like steak and ale pie (called Big Ben) though we were too late on this visit. The owners graciously offered us a sample of Nelson’s Column (a sausage roll), fresh from their oven. The pie pastry was so flaky! Mr. HoM commented that the sausage roll would be heavenly with a spot of hot mustard! I was a huge fan of the cookie (2 for $2), which was chewy and only had a whisper (the perfect amount) of cinnamon. I’ve been disappointed with store bought cookies in recent months but Great British Bake has ignited hope!! Mr. HoM’s mother is a skilled cook/ baker and her homemade cookies have spoiled my taste buds! #humblebrag

They want to make Sundays their “baked goods” day. This gourmand’s response: ABSOLUTELY. I’ve already cancelled my plans next week so that we can go back and raid their truck of pies and sweet treats. I’m allowed to indulge because Mr. HoM and I are serious cyclists now. I have biking gloves!

Great British Bake tweets obviously.


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