Is brunch food therapy? Last weekend at Uncle Betty’s

20 Jun

I went out for a meal with my good friend Alexis last weekend. We hadn’t seen each other in a little while, and she’d noted that life had been kicking me in the shins repeatedly the past little while. She suggested we meet for brunch.

When a good friend invites you to go for brunch, they really mean “hey, let’s sleep in, bitch about life and have someone cook us food that we could ourselves but really rather not.” Having someone else do something for you that you could otherwise do yourself is a wonderful luxury. Brunch is a mostly affordable luxury for us working folks. Cheaper than therapy, but more expensive that homemade scrambled eggs : the perfect weekend break from life.

Since we both life uptown, Alexis and I headed over too Uncle Betty’s.

Uncle Betty's on a sunny day!

Uncle Betty’s on a sunny day!

They were closing early that day for a special function – but we were lucky enough to snag the last table. It was a really nice day and we were seated on the small patio on Yonge street, which oddly both private and intimate at the same time. It allowed me to air my woes to the sympathetic Alexis without fear of everybody there knowing alllll about it.

When you’re complaining about how things seem not to be going your way, you need not only the comfort of a friend who has mastered the art of listening, but might also want to be stuffing your face with some serious comfort food.

Brunch at Betty's! Breakfast in a Bowl and the Ultimate Grilled cheese.

Brunch at Betty’s! Breakfast in a Bowl and the Ultimate Grilled cheese.

Comfort food is what Uncle Betty’s specialty. What I got was the Breakfast in a Bowl (only 9$!) and that is exactly what it was: home fries, scrambled eggs, bacon and a sauce to bring it all together! Almost a poutine, but not exactly. And it allowed me to be lazy with my table manners, which I feel is a wonderful touch for brunch.

Alexis got the Ultimate Grilled Cheese. That name isn’t an oversell. It’s actually the most “ultimate” of all grilled cheeses of all… because it has both mac&cheese AND meatloaf. Show up super hungry to eat this one. Ultimate comes in a generous portion.

Stuffing your face with eggs, carbs and bacon is therapy enough. Couple that with sitting outside in a nice atmosphere with one of your best friends who knows how to listen… annnnd you’ve just saved yourself paying for an actualy therapist!

But even if your life is all sprinkles and cupcakes, you should head over to Uncle Betty’s. It was warm and friendly and the food and the service matches – or maybe even exceeds? – that of any downtown spot. What helps it exceed the cold of other downtown spots, is the feeling that it’s only something people from your neighbourhood know about. But judging by the line at the entrance, that might not be true…

Note: I don’t want to forget our server, Claire. She was helpful, kind and had excellent timing (didn’t encroach on our brunch unless to ask us if we needed something that we hadn’t yet noticed was missing).

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2 Responses to “Is brunch food therapy? Last weekend at Uncle Betty’s”

  1. clementineyyz June 20, 2013 at 10:46 am #


    • yyz cherry June 21, 2013 at 12:23 pm #

      Unlike you, I am kind of boring when it comes to eggs. I really love them scrambled and I don’t like them when they are runny. So for me, the eggs were perfect!!

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