adultery, hermès hats, & crippling debt – JULY BOOKCLUB

14 Jun


This month, the writers of YYZ have chosen The One is Mine by Maria Semple for our book club. In the reading guide, Semple says that she was inspired by Wharton’s House of Mirth and Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina when she penned this first novel. She continued, “I realized my favourite kind of story involves strong, singular women who set out to destroy themselves. Especially if the women are living in fancy houses, have lots of help, and commit adultery.” (This One is Mine, Reading Group Guide 2010) These types of plots make me incredibly anxious … remember how you felt when Patty couldn’t get over Richard in Freedom at the expense of long-suffering Walter?!?

I have been reading for 36 hours now and I cannot put this book down! I was eager but apprehensive about picking up Semple’s first book (well reviewed, but didn’t sell many copies) because I loved Where did you go, Bernadette? (2012) I loved the epistolary structure. I loved that the story was set in Seattle (Did I ever mention, I left my heart in that rainy, crunch-granola city?). I LOVED BERNADETTE (a once great architect who refuses to adopt the “Eddie Bauer” sporty-cas aesthetic of the Pacific-NW but insists on “fancy” clothing). Anyway, it’s always a treat when you’ve discovered an author and they have an under-appreciated back-catalogue of stuff to obsess over. Lionel Shriver is another fave that way!!

Since this novel is set in the 90210 zipcode – I would like to suggest somewhere that serves mimosas for our next meeting. Or, somewhere with a mediocre Tarte Tatin. As for a booze pairing – California Riesling?

We’re big readers at YYZ and we’ll be posting some of thoughts on literature more frequently here! Let us know what you think or give us some suggestions for August! Have you checked out Cherry’s book + booze pairings?


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