Field Trip: Arts and Crafts 10th Anniversary Party

11 Jun

When I first heard the influential Canadian record label Arts & Crafts was going to throw an outdoor festival to celebrate its 10th anniversary, I just knew I had to go (and force as many people as I could to come with me).   Broken Social Scene!  Bloc Party!  Feist!  Stars!  Hayden!  Timbre Timber!  So many more!  The lineup was killer.  THEN I found out that TUM was going to be involved – well, that became the icing on this giant musical maple doughnut.

It was all in all a fantastic party, hosted at the historic Fort York.  J and I even started a dance party!  The rest of my summer has a lot to live up to.  Here are some notable notes and momentous moments:

1) Amsterdam created a one-time brew (IPA) that was only  available in 473ml cans at the event.  As a big IPA fan (and an avid supporter of their Boneshaker IPA)  I was really excited to try it…except they sold out of the aptly named “FieldTrIPA” by 4 PM.  Yes, 4 PM!  Might have even been earlier!   The gates opened at noon (we got there around 3)  and the last act was scheduled to be on until 11:30 PM.  That’s a 7.5 hour estimation error.  I can only assume that intern was fired.

2) Following that point, beer at the festival was sold out by 8 PM.  Yes, rub your eyes, you read right.  My dear friends had to resort to (blech) $9 Wisers.  I can only assume that intern was fired, re-hired, then fired again.

3) That being said, there was wine tasting in one of the historical barracks and Amsterdam had a beer tasting station and those seemed to have been flowing freely all night so yes, I was appeased.  Huff Estates  showcased their 2011 Riesling Off Dry (acidity and ‘peachiness’ were perfectly refreshing for the warm weather) and 2010 South Bay Merlot (fairly medium bodied, hint of cigar aroma, probably better if I were at home in jammies).   I am a long-time supporter of all the great things Prince Edward County is up to so it was fantastic to see their presence.  Another winery was there as well, with a bigger selection of wines but the crowd was huge so we only had a chance to grab plastic cups of somethingorother and pound them back (hey, I was a lady for my first two samples; I needed to go see some acts!).

4) That brings me to another point – I sadly missed out on a lot of going ons at this festival because EVERY musical act was amazing and I wanted to see them all.  This means I didn’t have a chance to see the Etsy booth, the photography gallery, and some art installation with giant sticks and a picture of a warthog (I think), or try hula hooping.  But no regrets, because, like I said, the acts were amazing and that’s why I was there.

5) The above also meant that when it came time to eat, I was restricted to whichever vendor had the fastest moving line (whilst still offering interesting food).  I ended up lining up for Babi & Co‘s Indonesian street food.  No complaints, they make great stuff, but I have already tried them a couple of times before and was hoping to try a different vendor.  Oh well.  Their marinated pork satays ($6 at Field Trip) and corn and shrimp fritters ($6 at Field Trip) did not disappoint.  While I was in line though…

6) ….I saw a tiny vendor I had never heard of:  Timeless Food.  There was strangely no line however, I did  notice a couple customers walk away, have a bite, and came back for more.   Hmm.  That’s a good sign.   I made S hold my place in line at Babi & Co and I side stepped over.  They were offering $5 beef carpaccio with bone marrow croquette and $4 trout pate.  I got chatting a bit with chef and owner Deron and it turns out they just made their debut a couple weeks ago at a Toronto Pop Up.  I bought a beef carpaccio and slid back into line.  OH MY GOD.  The CROQUETTE.  Oh wow.  The crispy exterior gave way to a soft arancini-like texture with an umph of unami that really danced closely to the rich beef flavours of the perfectly treated carpaccio.  I’m sold.  Had I known beer was going to sell out anyway, I would’ve bought five more servings.  Timeless Food – I am at your next event.

7) Last but not least:  I was really proud to be Canadian that day.   I was surrounded by a diverse crowd, multicultural food, and random acts of kindness, while watching extremely talented Canadian musicians, artisans and chefs celebrate each other.  It’s good to be home.


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