Una vista del Paese!

4 Jun

Last night, all of the YYZ gourmandes got to enjoy a wonderful evening hosted by Paese Ristorante. They invited us (along with other “prominent Toronto food bloggers“)  to the launch of their late night meat ball menu. It was very fun event and as the new kids to the food blogging game, it was wonderful to feel part of the Toronto food blogging community.

New YYZ artist-in-residence, Ëlle, gives her perspective on our evening at Paese.

New YYZ artist-in-residence, Ëlle, gives her perspective on our evening at Paese.

Before sharing the very wordy thoughts of Alice, Clementine and myself I thought it was best to introduce our new YYZ Gourmand Artist-in-Residence: Ëlle. She has the ability to capture an ambience with her expressive and detailed art more than I am able to with words. I hope she will continue to do this for YYZ!


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  1. Two views of Iceland | YYZ gourmand - August 19, 2013

    […] Our Artist-in-Residence, Ëlle, is making a rare appearance by sharing with us with two views of Iceland from her recent trip in July. While Iceland might make you dream of fjords and icebergs, Ëlle presents us two views of indoor life which captures two vibrant and welcoming places that she loved on her trip. This helps us remember that while we might fetishize a country’s landscape, the indoors provides us a better visual understanding of how they live… and eat! Ëlle shares her two favourite spots to get something to eat and warm up after trekking, encountering fjords and icebergs, or getting lost in a city that is awash in daylight at 3 am. […]

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