Rainy Night = Sweat Pants, TV and Chinese Delivery

29 May

All that was needed to convince this YYZ gal to stay in last night:  a torrential downpour and yet-to-be-watched Season 4 of Arrested Development on Netflix.  Unfortunately, especially for a self-proclaimed foodie, I typically have little to no groceries at home!  Unless I have plans to cook, my fridge will boast nothing more than beer, hot sauces and artisan mustards.  Fortunately, I do have a pair of comfy sweatpants and a New Ho King menu.

While I can’t  argue that New Ho King’s has the best Chinese food delivery,  this restaurant does hold a special place in my University of Toronto alumna heart.  It is where I had my first ‘cold tea’.  It is where I feverently practiced Latin with fellow students 3 hours before an exam.  It is where we ordered from at 4 AM for delivery to a frat house after a keg party gone right.  New Ho King is cheap, tasty, and available at ungodly hours: every university student’s sought-after culinary trifecta.  I challenge to you to find a single graduate of U of T who does not know New Ho King!

According to the menu and online, $20 is the minimum order for free delivery.  Fine by me!  I got:

-Beef and green pepper in black bean sauce, on rice ($5.50)

-General Tsao chicken ($10.95)

-Spicy garlic eggplant with pork ($10.95)

This was enough for 5 hungry people (yay, I stocked my fridge!).  I must say, New Ho King’s General Tsao is made with generous chunks of white meat.  Impressive!  Too bad any nutritional value is voided by the deep frying and smothering in spicy sweet sauce.  The eggplant, stir-fried tender vehicles for soy sauce and ground pork, were perfect with added sriacha (see, my fridge contributed to my dinner!).  The garlicky black bean sauce seeping into the hot rice will keep vampires away from me and the next 2 generations.

It was the perfect salty comfort food, eaten curled up on the couch in my jogging pants (cue irony), watching Arrested Development against the background soundtrack of heavy rain.  Seriously, is there anything better?!

What’s your favourite go-to comfort food?


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