For the downtown tea lover

27 May

I don’t drink coffee. I could just claim that I don’t appreciate the bitterness of the taste, which is true, but my dislike runs even deeper: I can barely stand the smell of congested coffee houses. I also don’t like espresso flavoured anything: cake, chocolate, ice cream… Please don’t pass any my way. But the exception does make the rule: I will never refuse chocolate covered coffee beans (especially before a night out).

But who doesn’t like a warm liquid beverage in the morning while they read the newspaper? Or on your afternoon break? I understand the ritual of a cup of coffee. I perform the same ritual, but with a cup of tea.

Until a couple of years ago, tea culture was lagging behind the coffee house culture. It wasn’t easy to get a good cup of tea while at work unless you brought your own. This is absolutely fine – and I still do it at times, but it didn’t provide you a reason to stretch your legs and looks at the world outside your office building for a few minutes.

There are a few really great places to get an excellent cup of tea. Balzac’s sells my beloved French tea brand, Thé Mariage Frères. But they aren’t situated close enough to work that I can just walk over for a quick break. Instead, I am really downtown. Last year, in search of a quick lunch at The Grange food court (across from OCAD and close to the AGO, just off of McCaul street), I noticed a place called the Coffee Exchange (UGH! why all the coffee!) that had HUGE sign for Kusmi tea! So promising!


The best part? A cup of Kusmi tea won’t break your budget: they sell them for just 1.76$!!!!

I love this place so much, the guy who runs it is always smiling, they have good bagels and snacks (which I don’t often allow myself to get). On top of a great selection of Kusmi teas, they have a whole wall of teas!!!!!!


This place is really the best place I’ve found downtown for it’s tea selection, friendly service and really great price point.

If you work downtown and need to fight the 3pm work-wall-of-unproductivity, go here. It’ll work wonders!


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