LCBO Strike? Plan B Time.

13 May

As the Friday deadline for LCBO labour action creeps closer, I’d be amiss if I didn’t provide our readers with some Plan Bs because that Vic Day Party don’t stop!

Fortunately, most breweries in Toronto have a retail outlet, unaffected by LCBO unions.  Here are some of my personal favourites:

1) Bellwoods Brewery (124 Ossington Ave) for their Witchshark.  Your first whiff should give you fresh citrus scent with a great hoppy background.  Its full flavour is challenging enough for the connoisseur in your party, but smooth enough to introduce a party goer to their first IPA.  But act quick, their tanks are small which means their supplies are limited!

2) Mill Street Brew Pub‘s shop (Distillery District) for their Wit Beer.  My go-to there is actually Tankhouse, but today I’m inspired to recommend you pick up the Wit.  It’s refreshing, soft on the palate, and will get you in the mood for summer patios.  If you wander out of the shop and into their new Beer Hall (attached to the Brew Pub), try a newly brewed beerschnapps!

3) Steam Whistle (255 Bremner Blvd) for their one and only brew – a traditional crisp and refreshing pilsner.  Steam Whistle has proven to craft not only a great beer, but a great culture.  There’s always something happening at the brewery (be it a gallery display or a live show), the staff always looks genuinely happy to be there, and their relentless dedication to the environment is admirable.


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