Shut your dirty mouth! (and stuff it with a Glory Hole!)

8 May

Saying “Glory Hole Doughnuts” out loud the first time is much like when you are learning to swear. It makes you giggle and you can barely say it with a straight face. After some practice, can you say it without giggling or smirking. But it takes even longer for your friends not to giggle when they hear it come out of your mouth.

This is exactly what happened to me this weekend and I’m supposed to be a grown ass woman. (Sorry everyone – especially my mom! – but doesn’t look like I followed the socially accepted schedule for “growing up”.)

My friend Alexis introduced the idea of buying donuts for a big picnic in High Park, she’d been to Glory Hole  previously and thought it would be a fun food to share with a lot of people. Alexis is not only smart (and a foodie!) but also super organised. She had a knife and a cutting board so we could all share our spoils.

This is what we brought to the picnic:

6 Glory Hole Doughnuts, and 9 “Holes”.
Flavours of Doughnuts (from top left corner going clockwise): Cinnamon Sugar, Double Chocolate, Stuffing, Milk and Cereal, Salted Caramel, and S’mores. Hole flavour: Olive Oil Lemon Ricotta.

Thankfully, our friends are disgustingly healthy. This is a photo of the rest of our picnic spread:


Once we had found a spot under the cherry blossoms in High Park, Alexis sliced each doughnut into “bite sized” portions so everyone could taste (almost) all the flavours. Since I am a gourmande, I tried them ALL. I was intrigued by all the flavours but those that stood out to me the most were Cinnamon Sugar and S’mores. On their website, the owner of Glory Hole (Ashley Jacot De Boinod) mentioned that she’s always loved a good cinnamon sugar doughnut. It’s obvious that she has perfected her favourite one: its texture is as light as a doughnut can possibly be and there is the perfect amount of cinnamon sugar. The S’mores one got me on two levels: the flavour and the presentation. Making the flower motif on the top made it that much more appealing. Chocolate can be an overpowering flavour, but the size of the doughnut is what saved it from being so. I didn’t taste, or see, evidence of graham cracker, which would help give it a better s’mores flavour, but I did only have a slice! The “holes” were also a huge hit with our group. The vanilla glaze made them really decadent, but in the best way possible.

Should you make the trek out to Glory Hole if you live far away? ABSOLUTELY! (it’s even when you have a friend with a car, who drives you there, tells you that’s what you’re doing and then brings a cutting board so people can share! lesson of the day: I can be remarkably lazy but I am saved by my very prepared friends).

Should you eat Glory Hole everyday? How sweet it would be to be able too and still be able to fit into structured pants! For me, a moderately physically active person and constant lover of food, this will remain a very special treat.

If you eat a Glory Hole doughnut will you ever be able to have one at Timmy’s again? Only under great duress.

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