A taste of France in southern Ontario – Sablétine

7 May

Since baking has become en vogue, shops offering sweet treats are a dime a dozen in Toronto (especially cupcakes and macarons). And, I think we can all agree that these things are not all created equal. The Idle Historian expresses some of the disappointment one can encounter when indulging one’s sweet-tooth out and about. YYZGourmand readers, I have to tell you about the best French bakery in Ontario and it’s not in our fair city.

Waterloo is a smallish big town with a huge German and Mennonite population. There are two major universities in the city and it’s a skip and a jump from Bieber’s hometown (sorry, Stratford!). The downtown core is basically 3 blocks of independent bakeries, retailers and, increasingly, larger chains. In the winter, there’s a tiny pond outside of the Waterloo Town Square plaza that turns into a skating rink. It’s all incredibly charming. About 5 minutes from the Square (10 minutes on foot), you’ll find an unassuming storefront and probably (most definitely) the best pastries in the city!

This year on Valentine’s Day, my Hunk-of-Man got me macaroons from Sablétine. When he met dear ol’ mum, he brought her their shortbread. We have since had pastry-centric breakfasts there on several occasions. I love this place not only because it has marked some notable moments in my recent life but also because their pastries are out of this world!

For instance, breakfast on Sunday morning included: almond croissant, cherry danish (only available on weekends!), and a tomato/ prosciutto quiche! Their pastries are flaky and buttery. Their almond-paste was packed with flavour and subtle sweetness. The danish featured tart cherries. The quiche was the right balance of egg and toppings. Split between two people – it’s a little bit of decadence that one can easily walk off! Currently, their macaron menu includes: Rose-Lychee and Earl Grey with Honey. Delish!

I can honestly say that I have not sampled such a well-rounded offering in our fair city. Aliceyyz, yyzCherry, and readers – your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to PROVE ME WRONG!

Sablétine Fine Pastries on Urbanspoon


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