Memories of Paris…

16 Apr

I was last in Paris in the fall of 2010 for a seminar at l’École du Louvre…. (Yes, I just saw you roll your eyes at me through the internet). Food memories of my trip came flooding back when @wherejessate put out a call for information about eating in and visiting Paris. Until now, all the posts on this site were from experiences that were still fresh (less than 24hrs – a few days old), but I decided it was OK to change this to share my favourite spots in Paris!

Before you do any visiting, you will want to eat, because everything tastes better in Paris. But, where to start?

Place de la Madeleine! If you could argue that Paris is a Disneyland for Grownup Gourmands, Place de la Madeleine would have the longest line.

What can you find there?

Some of the main stream attractions are : Fauchon (not my fave, but if you’ve never been it’s worthwhile!), Thé Mariage Frères (one of the originals!), Maille (flagship store!) and, ofcourse, Ladurée Royale!

Still in the area, but off the main square:

One of my favourite tea places: Betjamen et Barton, 23 boulevard Malesherbes. While smelling teas and paying too much for them might seem similar to David’s Tea,  it’s not, not even a little.

If you like honey, then you must go too Maison du Miel, 24 rue Vignon. A place that only sells honey. It’s only something you’d find in Paris.

Now that you’re full… time to catch some culture! (and eat more food).

le 1er arrondissement:

If you’ve never been to Paris, then I am sure you’ll want to go to Le Louvre… but if you have and you want to avoid that frenzy of tourists and being disappointed by the Mona Lisa, there are two others that are just as great and not usually as crowded. One of these is le Musée des Arts Décoratifs, which is a great if you like interior and industrial design (both modern and historical). If you’re more a fan of paintings – that are not by DaVinci – then head to L’Orangerie across le Jardin les Tuileries. If you’re a big Monet fan, then this is the museum for you!

Once you’ve checked out one of these and you want to eat some rich French food, head over to Le Soufflé (not far) – and get a 3 courses of soufflées! You won’t regret it.

Le Marais:

Not so long ago, this was not the posh arrondissement it is now. Back when I lived in France (yes, I saw that second eye roll), it was fun but rough around the edges. Now, it is very very fashionable and safe.

Start your day off with a ridiculously priced breakfast or brunch at DEPUR. Spend the money just to eye the beautiful locals and drink an insanely expensive OJ.

One of the most beautifully designed museums I have ever seen is Le Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. They only have 50,000 visitors a year, compared to Le Louvre’s 8 million, so you’ll be able to enjoy this without too many sweaty tourists. Nearby is the eclectic Musée Carnavalet, also worth a look.

If you were ever a Sex and the City fan:

Remember when Carrie moved to Paris with the Russian? And met his ex-wife at a classy restaurant and they sat at clear plastic chairs? Want to «Carrie Out» a SATC fantasy and eat there? You can! Kong is still open.

Have a great time, @wherejessate! Do you have questions?


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