Sushi Inn: A cheap and cheerful favourite

29 Mar

Sushi Inn is kind of like a cheap and Japanese version of Terroni for me. Except it is more comfortable than it is spectacular. I know exactly what I am going to get and I rarely have to spend more than 15$. It’s where I bring old friends when I want to go out but keep expenses low. The other day it was because I’ve just come back from a trip and now have to be super cheap (to be able to pay off my credit card bill!).

I don’t insist out of towners go to Sushi Inn. If I wanted out of towners to have an amazing Japanese food experience I’d suggest Nami on Adelaide – right beside Terroni! – or Konnichiwa in the Baldwin village. I’m pretty sure most people have a favourite Sushi or Japanese place they go too when they want something cheap, cheerful and filling. The service is always a bit brusque, the lighting is sometimes too strong and nothing about the decor has changed in 10 years, but Sushi Inn is *always* busy. I’m always fascinated by the type of people you find there: students, business men (or at least men who look like they do business), couples on dates, friends of all ages… Everyone loves a good deal. Especially in Yorkville. And Sushi Inn has a prime location and excellent value – particularly for the area. I’ve never seen Sassafraz so animated and with such a wait.

We even got a prime spot by the window! Sitting by the window and in one of those little booths are one of my favourite places to be. The freestanding tables? I’m less a fan of. Also less a fan of the washroom… and how I once spotted an employee of the restaurant leave the washroom without cleaning their hands. But that was years ago, so I hope is no longer a problem.

This time I ordered the 42 C, sushi mixed set with 6 pieces each of california maki, spicy tuna maki, and unagi maki. My friend got Gindara (grilled black cod) which arrived first and she was kind enough to offer me some after she heard my stomach grumble. The Gindara was fantastic: lightly seared, slight crispness on the outside and a wonderfully light texture in the middle. It’s on my list for next time. The sushi was as dependable as always. The unagi was my favourite of the set, followed by the tuna. Both were very fresh and good. Next time I’ll have to ask if I can replace the California roll, I always forget how much I hate California rolls!

At almost 15$ the sushi platter felt like a «splurge» for Sushi Inn. Even if it really is a bargain.


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