Khao San Road : living up to the hype?

6 Mar

When a restaurant’s website reads “We will no longer be taking reservations” it means that they’re so popular that they don’t need to rely on reservations to fill all the seats, and therefore to make money. No reservations means you’re lucky to be waiting around for a table for 30 minutes.Like a boyfriend who never calls you back when he says he will, a place that won’t take reservations makes you want to try it out even more. Or, their inability to commit to when they will let you sit down makes you think the food is so special that waiting in line is SO worth it (just like at Disney!).

Ok, enough of the silly analogies. I’d been meaning to check out Khao San Road (from now on KSR) for some time, but the idea of waiting when hungry was unappealing. So when a friend who recently moved back to the city and suggested we reconnect over an early dinner at KSR, I was happy to be able to do two things I’d been looking forward too at once.

Going to dinner at 5:30 meant we didn’t have to contend with a line in the small entrance way. It also meant that it wasn’t too busy and that we didn’t have to wait long for our food.

Here is where I should be saying how great the food was, how it is totally worth the wait.. but since one of my concerns is that a meal out is “worth the calories” I had barely eaten enough at lunch so that I’d be hungry when I ate dinner. And I WAS hungry. So hungry that I inhaled my Pad Thai (Street Style) with tofu and veggies. And drank my Thai Iced Tea in about 3 gulps. I was listening to my friend’s adventures of living in Hong Kong and how she started to date her fiance that I barely gave my food the concentration it deserved. When I was done chewing what I thought was my second bite, I looked down and saw and empty plate.

Now, this wouldn’t happened if I didn’t like the food. From what I remember: the veggies were generous (meaning more than just the standard one piece of broccoli  and that I loved the texture and slice size of the tofu. I appreciate when the cooks take the time to slice veggies, tofu (or meat) at a size that I don’t have to keep cutting my food. That’s right, I’m such a lazy eater that I like things pre-cut down to bite size for me. I also think smaller slices make the food look more appealing and gives an impression that it was done with care.

Honestly, I barely remember the Thai Iced Tea. But again, I was sad to see my glass was empty and I vaguely remember being pleased by its texture.

Maybe waiting should have been part of my experience at KSR. I would have taken more time with the menu at the door, pouring over every option – instead of just asking my friend what her favourite dish was and then ordering that. If I were to do a KSR do-over I’d order with a friend, I’d order 3 appetizers to share : Crispy Fried Garlic Tofu (it looked amazing), Fresh Rolls and Squash Fritters. And more Thai Iced Tea, just to make sure I like it, ya know?


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